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Statistics Estonia (Estonian: Statistikaamet) is the Estonian government agency responsible for producing official statistics regarding Estonia. It is part of the Ministry of Finance.. The agency has approximately 320 employees. The office of the agency is in Tatari, Tallinn.
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Estonia is a small country in Northern Europe bordered by giant Russia to the east, Latvia to the south, the Baltic Sea to the west and the Gulf of Finland to the north. The country’s territory
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Estonia’s 15-year-olds rank 1st in reading, science and mathematics in Europe while in the world, Estonia’s students rank 5th in reading, 8th in mathematics and 4th in sciences. Consequently, Estonia also has a literacy rate of 100%. It’s the Least Religious in Europe
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Worksup event platform is a startup company from Estonia, the land of tech-savvy experts and specialists. Today is Independence Day here in Estonia so to celebrate we wanted to share our top ten facts about technological achievements in Estonia. Happy 100th birthday Estonia! 1# Estonia invented Skype! This is something that probably every Estonian says when they’ll meet … Continue reading
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Estonia facts show that the statistics from different studies vary greatly, but between 70 and 80% of Estonians don’t belong to any religion. According to a Gallup poll on irreligion between the years 2006 and 2011, Estonia is the fourth least religious country in …
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As a gift for Estonia’s centenary on 24 February 2018, Estonian World compiled, with the help of its co-authors, a list of a hundred facts about the country – some known, but some perhaps even surprising.* 1. Estonia has one of the lowest population densities in the world (28 per sq km; 72.5 per sq mi) – placing it 188th in the world. 2.
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Located on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea is the progressive country of Estonia. Considered as a symbol of the Baltic region’s future, Estonia is a must-see country, and one that oozes charm, and beauty. Keep on reading to learn 20 facts about Estonia. Fact 1: Estonia is a country on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe.
Estonia - Statistics & Facts | Statista statistics about estonia
According to Statistics Estonia, the change of the consumer price index in September 2020 was -0.3% compared to August 2020 and -1.1% compared to September 2019. Year on year, goods were 0.7% and services 1.7% cheaper. Read more 7. October 2020 News. In August, domestic tourists again outnumbered foreign tourists
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Estonia boasts one of the world’s highest literacy rates. President Kersti Kaljulaid is the Estonia’s first female head of state of since it declared independence in 1918.