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Find a Bird watching vacation in Estonia. Visit Estonia, take a Bird watching vacation to Estonia, and enjoy a Bird watching trip in Estonia.
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Uku started birding at the age of 11 and has been interested in wildlife ever since. He is a founder member of the Estonian Birding Club, and has been a member of the Estonian Rare Bird Committee since 2002. He has found four “firsts” for Estonia, and is also involved in bird ringing, field surveys and migration studies.
Estonian Nature Tours has worked with over twenty other companies around Europe setting up birdwatching and other holidays. Best birding, mammal watching and other wildlife holidays in Estonia! Estonian Nature Tours has been a pioneer in developing nature and bird tourism throughout Estonia. We have more than 13 years experience in organising outstanding wildlife holidays in …
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Estonia is also a very important spring staging area for Bewick’s Swan. During moult migration in July and August, up to 200,000 common scoter pass through Estonia. Besides the excellent possibilities of watching the bird migration, Estonia also has many localities with rich breeding faunas.
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Estonia is among the top three locations to go watch birds in Europe due to the number of species that can be observed. Due to the position of Estonia, it is one of the biggest routes of migration for birds traveling between Europe, Africa, and North America. Lots of popular spots can be found across the country for bird watching.
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Bird- watching tour: West- Estonia. This guided bird watching tour is a great introduction to Estonia’s birdlife and suitable for regular birdwatchers, nature lovers or people who just want to have day tour outside of Tallinn.More than 300 species of birds can be seen annually in Estonia. Best time for bird watching
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An autumn Estonian birdwatching holiday on the Estonian coasts offers an opportunity to experience an exciting sight: thousands of migrating birds. Estonia is located on the migration route for millions of passerines flying through central Estonia as well as over 50 million waterfowl and shorebirds flying along the north-western coast. More than 330 species have been identified in Estonia, of which more than …
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The first comprehensive guide to birdwatching in Estonia is now revised and updated (as of September 2020). The book provides information on the best birding sites across Estonia and the best times to visit, as well as including advice for finding northern and eastern specialities.
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Mid-May is the optimal time for bird watching in Estonia – at least if your aim is to see as many bird species as possible. A wide range of species have begun breeding, some are about to leave for the north and each day brings new arrivals. Thousands of swans, hundreds of thousands of ducks and geese, thousands of Scoters and Long-tailed
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Here is at least 340 bird species in total. Bird watching tours in Estonia are very popular. We make bird watching tours mainly in untouched bogs and forests. In those trips we mainly focus on hiking in the beautiful nature and encounter many interesting bird species during this activity. We also have good cooperation with Estonia’s largest bird watching station in western Estonia.
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Where to bird in Estonia? The names of most popular birding areas are mentioned in trip reports and other websites. Actually that basic information is almost all you need. Estonia is a good place for finding your own birds. Staying in one area for a longer period is a good idea. Generally one week trip to Estonia includes some time in Haapsalu